QIAO Yuling

Master, Associate Professor

The research field    

Second Language Acquisition, Cross-Cultural Studies, English for Academic Purposes: Oral and Written Discourse Analysis


Education experience     

2013-now    Peking University (Doctoral Candidate in Applied Psychology)

1997-2000   Xi’an Jiaotong University (Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics)

1993-1997   Taiyuan University of Science and Technology (Bachelor’s Degree in English)


Work experience     

2000-now   Dept. of Applied Linguistics, Peking University Health Science Center



[1] Advanced English Reading for Biomedical Program students

[2] Academic communication for Postgraduates


Academic papers     

[1]   Yuling Qiao, Rengang Wu. Self-Esteem Types and Psychological Health [J]. Journal of Psychiatry.Dec.2016.

[2]   Yuling Qiao. A Comparison on the Use of Hedges in Medical Research Papers Written by Anglo-American and Chinese Researchers [J]. Journal of Yantai University. July, 2011

[3]   Yuling Qiao. Problem-based learning in English reading course Journal of Education theory and Practice [J]. Oct., 2011


The teaching material    

[1] Yuling Qiao. Conversations in Hospital [M]. Peking University Medical Press. 2009.

[2] Yong’an Li, Yuling Qiao. Innovative Medical English [M]. Shanghai Science and Technology Press. 2008.



PUHSC Excellent Teacher Award in 2008 and 2014