PhD, Professor

The research field    

Doctor-Patient Relationship, Health Policy, Health Law


Administrative post

Deputy Director of School of Health Humanities, Peking University


Education experience     

2010-2014   Wuhan University (Doctor of Judicial Science)

1998-2001   China University of Political Science and Law (Juris Master)

1993-1998   China Medical University (Bachelor of medicine)


Work experience     

2001-now    Peking University Health Science Center


Academic community    

[1] Secretary General of Patient Safety Professional, Committee of World Chinese Medical Association

[2] National Hospital Dean Professional Committee of Construction Law Committee deputy chairman

[3] Director of Bethune Spirit Research Association executive

[4] Director of Chinese Health Law Association

[5] Director of Chinese Life Law Research Association

[6] Executive Deputy Director of Chinese Medical Association-Peking University "Patient Safety and Medical Research Center"


Social part-time job

[1] National Immunization Planning Expert Advisory Committee

[2] National Food and Drug Administration Licensed Pharmacist Certification Center Expert Committee

[3] Beijing Municipal People's Government legal advisory expert committee

[4] Foshan City, Guangdong Province People's Government Legal Advisory Committee

[5] Beijing Xicheng District People's Government Expert Advisory Committee

[6] "Chinese Health Law" associate editor

[7] "Medicine and philosophy" editorial board

[8] "Chinese Medical Humanities" Editorial Board

[9] "China Journal of Reproductive Health" editorial board

[10] "Chinese pharmacy" Editorial Board

[11] "China Health" Editorial Board

[12] "China Hospital Dean" editorial board

[13] "Chinese Medical Humanities" Editorial Board



[1] Health Law for Undergraduates (clinical, oral, medical English)

[2] Doctor-Patient Relationship Law Research for Undergraduates

[3] Legal Issues Caused by Medical New Technologies for Undergraduates

[4] Film Theater and Medical Humanities for Undergraduates

[5] Appreciation of Medical Ethics and Law Medical Drama for Undergraduates

[6] Health Law for Postgraduates (Law School)

[7] Biomedical Safety and Law for Postgraduates

[8] Clinical Medical Law for Postgraduates

[9] Medical Humanities Introduction for Postgraduates

[10] Cancer Psychology, Humanistic Care, Palliative Care for Postgraduates (Cancer Hospital)

[11] Holistic Medicine and Oncology Patients for Undergraduates


Academic papers     

[1] Wang Yue. Analysis of "Alienation" Phenomenon of Medical Law Health Law Education [J]. Medicine and Philosophy, 2017, 06

[2] Wang Yue. Promoting the transition of hospital management mode and medical service mode through legislation [J]. Chinese Journal of Public Health, 2017, 04-05

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[22] Wang Yue. Discussion on the issues related to medical damage liability [J]. Chinese Journal of Forensic Science, 2010.02



[1] Wang Yue. Madness and law [M], Law Press, 2014

[2] Wang Yue. Analysis of medical dispute cases [M], University of International Business and Economics press, monographs


Academic translation     

[1] Auguste Fortin etc. Master Wang Yue translated patient-centered interview skills, Guangming Daily Press, 2017

[2] Peter Washer. Wang Yue main translation. Clinical doctor-patient communication art, Peking University Medical Press, 2016

The teaching material[1] Wang Yue editor. Medical Law (second edition). People's Medical Publishing House, 2013

[3] Wang Yue editor. Medical Law (second edition, Beijing City boutique textbook). University of International Business and Economics press, 2013

[4] Wang Yue co-editor. Health Law (fourth edition). People's Medical Publishing House, 2014

[5] Wang Yue co-editor. Health Law (fifth edition, digital textbook). People's Medical Publishing House, 2015

[6] Wang Yue co-editor. Medical Humanities. People's Medical Publishing House, 2017


Other results

[1] Wang Yue editor. Foreign medical law research [M], Law Press, 2011

[2] Wang Yue editor. Mental health legal issues [M]. China Procurator Publishing House, 2014

[3] Wang Yue editor. Chinese traditional Chinese medicine policy and legislation [M] .China Procurator Publishing House, 2017

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[6] Wang Yue editor: Blue Book on China-Patient Relations (2) [M], Peking University Medical Press, 2017

[7] Wang Yue, deputy editor of Health Law Practice and Theory [M]. Law Press, 2012


Research subject     

[1] Research on the State Law of Infectious Disease Control and Relevant Domestic Laws. National Social Science Fund Youth Project (06CFX030), 2010, Sub-PI

[2] Genetic Related Legal Issues. Ministry of Justice, Law and Legal Theory Research Department-level research projects, 2002, PI

[3] Legal Issues in Mental Disability Compulsory Medical Research. Department of Law, Chinese Law Society, 2010, PI

[4] Research on Legislation Related to Human Genetic Resources Management Ministry of Science and Technology, 2010, PI

[5] Health China 2020 Strategic Planning Public Policy Research - Health Legislation Research Project. Ministry of Health, 2012, Sub-PI

[6] Investigation and research on compulsory medical problems in the enforcement of Mental Health Law. Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project, 2013, PI

[7] Drafting "Chinese Medical Code of Ethics." Chinese Medical Association, 2014, PI

[8] A Comparative Study of Domestic Drug Purchase and Supply Models. National Health Planning Commission, 2014, PI

[9] Drafting of Regulations on Prevention and Treatment of Medical Disputes, National Health Planning Commission, 2014, PI

[10] Research on the Laws and Regulations of China Health Service Industry, National Health Planning Commission, 2015, PI

[11] Paraphrase of Chinese Doctrine of Code of Ethics, National Health Planning Commission, 2015, PI

[12] Study on Local Legislation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau, 2015, PI

[13] Building a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients National Health Planning Commission, 2015, PI

[14] Study on Domestic Modes for Centralized Procurement of Medicines and Legal Advice. National Sanitation Commission, 2016, PI

[15] Research on the Framework and Content of the Drug Supply Guarantee System in the Basic Health Care Law of the People's Republic of China National Health Planning Commission, 2016, PI

[16] Study on Code of Conduct and Management of Drug Price, National Health Planning Commission, 2016, PI

[17] National Pharmacy Procurement Policy Research. National Sanitation Commission, 2017, PI



[1] Peking University outstanding communist

[2] Peking University Youth Talent Support Program

[3] "Medical Law" teaching materials by the Beijing Higher Education Textbook Award

[4] Peking University School of Medicine won the "Zhong Wai Medical Award"

[5] Peking University Health Education Teaching Achievement Award