XIE Guangkuan

PhD, Lecturer

The research field    

Bioethics, Clinical Ethics, Research Ethics, Medical Humanities Education


Education experience     

2014   Peking University (PhD)

2006   Peking University (MPhil)

2002   Wuhan University (BA)


Work experience      ?   

2014-now    Peking University Health Science Center

2006-2014    Dept. of Planning and Policy Research, Peking University

2012.3- 10    UC Berkeley, USA (Visiting Scholar)

2011-2012    University of Minnesota (TC), USA (Senior Fellow)

2004-2005    UC San Francisco, USA (Junior Specialist)


Academic community     ?   

[1] Member, Beijing Society for Medical Ethics

[2] Editing Member of the Journal of Chinese Medical Humanities

[3] Member of Chinese Medical Doctor Association Medical Humanities Division

[4] Editing Member of the Journal of Chinese Medical Ethics



Social part-time job

IRB Member of BGI



[1] Bioethics

[2] Clinical Ethics

[3] Public Health Ethics


Academic papers         

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