YIN Xiuyun

PhD, Associate Professor

The research field    

Medical Ethics, Public Health Ethics


Education experience     

2004-2009   Beijing Normal University (PhD)

1995-1998   Beijing Normal University (MD)

1991-1995   Shandong Normal University (BA)


Work experience     

1998-now    Peking University Health Science Center


Social part-time job

[1] Member of Medical Ethics Committee, Peking CDC

[2] Member of Medical Ethics Committee, Xiyuan Hospital CACMS

[3] Member of National Medical Examination Center



[1] Medical Ethics

[2] Public Health Ethics

[3] Research Integrity


Academic papers     

[1] Yin Xiuyun, On Vitals of the Serious Worsening of Physician- patient Relationship in the Perspective of Historical Evolvement [J]. Chinese Medical Ethics, 2007(8

[2] Yin Xiuyun. Culture Conflict and Value Collision: Research into the Radical Issue Of Euthanasia [J]medicine and philosophy, 2010(4

[3] Yin Xiuyun.The Doctor-patient Relationship from the Perspective of Ethics [J]. Chinese Medical Humanities review, 2012 (4)

[4] Yin Xiuyun. From A philosophical Point of View to Heckle the Using of Transplant Operation [J]. Medicine and Philosophy, 2013 (6) 

[5] Yin Xiuyun.Assisted reproduction and Abortion: Paradox and Intention in Human Reproduction [J]. Chinese Medical Humanities, 2015(4)

[6] Yin Xiuyun.Doctor-patient Relationship: Journey of Faith [M]. 2013-2014 Blue Book of Doctor-patient Relationship in China, 2015

[7] Yin Xiuyun. Ethical analysis on violence towards healthcare based on network-media reporting case [J]. Chinese Mental Health Journal, Vol.30 (4), 2016

[8] Hu Linying, Yin Xiuyun, Bao Xiaolei and Nie Jingbao, Chinese physician’s attitudes toward and understanding of medical professionalismResults of a nation survey [J]. The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Vol.25 (2), 2014